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By Pat Hammond

Networking Doesn't Have to be Business Cards and Cocktails...

This week's sneak peek is an eclectic mix designed to get you out of your networking rut and have a little fun.

Hillsborough, NH Balloon Fest & Fair 2017: This four-day event starts at 6:00 PM Thursday, July 6th with the Hillsboro-Deering Schools Hometown Night and annual carnival and includes the Osram Sylvania Night & Road Race 6:30 PM on Friday, July 7th, and Balloon Liftoff at 6:00 AM Saturday, July 8th.  The weekend wraps up with Hometown Parade Day on Sunday, July 9th.  The carnival runs all four days, balloons fly on Friday, Saturday, and Sunday.  Be sure to check the event schedule, there are tons of activities and events with plenty of opportunities to meet people and have some fun.  Cost: Varies by activity

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