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By Pat Hammond

Manchester Trolley Night -- Get out & see what the Queen City has to offer!

When was the last time you walked around downtown Manchester?

I don't mean the trek from the parking garage to a meeting or a ball game. I'm talking about intentionally parking the car and wandering the streets.  stopping by the galleries and shops, having drinks and dinner and enjoying the city. 

For me, it's been since I left City Hall. 

In real time that's about 14 years.  (Yikes!) 

Don't get me wrong.  I live and work in Manchester and I go downtown all the time for meetings, trips to the library and City Hall, but I never hang around because there's nothing there.

Things have apparently changed.  A lot.

When I went to the Manchester Ink Link party a few weeks ago I realized that the Elm Street I remembered had morphed into something new and exciting.

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