Home Helpers of Londonderry: Professional Care with Heart

by Pat Hammond on Thursday, November 10, 2016

Today's featured veteran-owned business is Home Helpers of Londonderry.
Owned by Navy veteran Bonnie Roberts, Home Helpers of Londonderry offers a full range of in-home care services including companion and personal care, Alzheimer's and dementia care, respite care, and homemaker services.

After a 22-year career in the US Navy, Roberts brings a lifetime of enthusiasm and commitment to the local community. In addition to running a thriving business, she is active in many activities including acting as Chair of the Londonderry Senior Resource Committee, board member of the Greater Londonderry Chamber of Commerce, President of the Greater Londonderry Business and Professional Women's Association, and she was named one of "25 Extraordinary Women - 2015" by the Nashua Telegraph.

A warrior's compassion

Leadership, teamwork, responsibility and critical thinking are the words people use to describe the skills veterans bring when they return to the civilian world, but they're just part of the equation. When you add things like empathy, compassion, and vision you end up with people like Bonnie Roberts, who has combined all of these skills to tackle the very real problem of how to find quality in-home care.

Aging in place is a goal that many seniors share. Residential care is often cost prohibitive and remaining in a home they've most likely already paid for allows people enjoy their golden years surrounded by the memories and routines that give their days a familiar structure.

Unfortunately, it's not always a goal that can be achieved on their own.

We all want to be there for our parents as they get older, but sometimes they require more care and attention than we can give on our own.

Home Helpers of Londonderry provides a variety of in-home care services throughout southern New Hampshire to meet almost every in-home care need.

Companion Care: The days get mighty long and lonely when you're home alone. Home Helpers companion service is the perfect solution for a relative who enjoys relatively good health, but who still needs someone to check in to ensure that they are doing alright. Whether it's spending an hour over a cup of coffee and conversation, or giving a ride to a doctor's appoint or social event, these wellness visits go a long way to keeping our older family members active and independent and provide peace of mind when you can't be there.

Personal Care: Home Helpers personal care service provides hands-on assistance for people who need help with activities of daily living, such as bathing, dressing, and feeding themselves. This service is available in-home or as one-on-one care in a residential facility.

Alzheimer's/Dementia Care: Watching someone you love lose the pieces of themselves that made them special can make taking care of a loved one with dementia both physically and mentally draining. Home Helpers provides the specialized care that Alzheimer's patients need to help your family transition through this difficult time.

Respite Care: Showing our love by caring for a relative can be an incredibly rewarding experience. We all want to be able to provide the hands-on care they deserve, but it's not a task we should do on our own. Being a full-time, always-on-call caretaker for an adult can be emotionally draining and physically challenging. Home Helpers respite care service can provide regular assistance so you can take breaks and stay strong and healthy for the people depending on you.

Most of us only meet home care providers when our family is in crises. We pin our faith on these strangers and hope they will take care of our loved ones the way we do. Roberts is front-and-center as an active member of our community. She's a familiar face with a warm smile and a spine of steel. She understands the stress both you and your loved one are experiencing and has built a team of trained, experienced professionals to provide the services you need to help your family through difficult transitions.

Remember, just because your family has chosen to care for a loved one at home doesn't mean you have to do it alone.

For more information about Home Helpers of Londonderry please visit http://www.homehelpershomecare.com/londonderry/home or give them a call at 603-845-3333.